We are a regiment within the Sealed Knot, the largest English Civil War re-enactment society in the Europe.

Our aim is to educate the public on what happened during the English Civil war, a bloody event in our history. The regiment travels across the UK taking part in history talks, demonstrations, mini and major battle re-enactments.

Our regiment has 4 companies spread around the country and have members who are pikeman, musketeers, drummers, standard bearers, artillery and civilians.

How it all began...

The regiment began in 1975 when Roger Hole and Bob Leedham met in a pub in Newbury. Skippon’s regiment soon became an important part of the Parliament army and we are still one of the largest regiments within the Parliament army.

History of Command

What can you do?

The pikeman is a basic foote soldier that fights with a 16ft pike. They formed blocks and then attacked the enemy pike blocks either at charge for point to point fighting, or in a pike push, (which is similar to a large rugby scrum with 25 to 30 men on each side). The idea being to gain ground. Pikeman are also used to protect the musket blocks from enemy cavalry. The pike block forms the backbone of our regiment, it is a very rewarding role which demands full physical contact and a degree of stamina.

Educated and often linguists, drummers are highly regarded and paid at the same rate as officers. Drums were used to relay orders on the battlefield and to lead the way when marching. They are also sent to parley with the enemy, often going into their camps and returning with vital information about supplies and numbers. You are the focal point of the regiment when marching, keeping up the morale on marches and ensuring that manoeuvres are done to exact timing.

The musketeers are also basic foote soldiers who fight with muskets (matchlock or flintlock). They form blocks which attack at about 25 metres firing volleys, then using the butt of their musket as a club, and finally their swords to engage the enemy in hand to hand combat. We do not actually use shot in the musket, only gun powder and wadding. Dummy muskets are used when you first take the field. To use a firing musket you will need a shotgun and black powder license and you must have passed a musket safety test.

Civilians can enjoy the excitement of the battle at close quarters by following the regiment, providing vital water. Civilians also take care of anyone needing minor adjustments to their uniform and are first on the scene if minor accidents occur giving support and assurance. Some civilians will watch the battle and talk to the public or alternatively you can provide a supporting role staying on camp.


2016 Season

As the list of events is confirmed we will add them to this section.

You can expect to see musters added as of January 2016.

“Come, my boys, my brave boys, let us pray heartily and fight heartily. I will run the same fortunes and hazards with you”

Sergeant Major General Philip Skippon